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 Company details




Based in Shenzhen, China, Vgate,ltd. specializes in the

development, design and manufacture of diagnostic equipment, tools and

accessories in the automotive aftermarket industry. 


 We offers a selective range of products from automotive diagnostic

tools including code readers and scan tools, to test and inspection

equipment such as sensor testers and battery testers. Aside from the

above, we also carry garage equipment like infrared paint dryers and

pipe expanders, and automotive diagnostic accessories such as OBD

diagnostic cable assemblies, SAE J1962 connectors, and vehicle to PC

(or PDA) interface adapters (VAG-COM interfaces).


Though the company is young in age, we are strong in experiences in

that all of our major engineers have extensive R&D experience in the

automotive aftermarket technology. With the combination of our

experienced and distinguished specialists, low-cost manufacturing and

exceptional customer service, We is able to become the supplier of

choice who delivers high quality products, user-friendly designs and

most competitive prices to both professional and amateur (or DIYers)

automotive technicians.



We are proud of ourselves in providing cost effective, timely and

innovative solutions with a first class service.


Mission Statement


We strives to be a global leading provider of smart diagnostic

equipments and tools by offering our customers unparalleled value in

the automotive aftermarket.


Company Philosophy


We depend on our customers and therefore should understand current and

future customer needs, should meet customer requirements and make

every effort to delight customers by exceeding their expectations.